Is it a Good Idea to Major in Psychology?

Griffith Littlehale
4 min readAug 31, 2022

A career in psychology could be rewarding if you are interested in learning more about people. This all-encompassing discipline will instruct you on how to network, communicate, and exert influence. You can also improve your business acumen by studying this area. A career in psychology could be rewarding whether your goal is to aid individuals or organizations.

There are many positives to working in the field of psychology, but the field is not without its drawbacks. High levels of stress and tough work are both common in this industry. As a psychologist, you’ll frequently put in late nights at the office and take your patients’ troubles home with you. The likelihood of a divorce or domestic disagreement increases if this occurs.

Students that choose to study in psychology tend to have strong writing and research abilities, as well as the ability to think critically. People trained in psychology are in high demand in fields including business, government, and teaching. Possible careers for such people include those in employment guidance and human resources. Writing, research, and human resource analysis are just few of the other careers open to psychologists.

The lack of spare time is another drawback of a profession in psychology. In order to provide adequate care, psychologists often work unsociable hours, including overnights, weekends, and vacations. This can cause them to miss out on important family occasions or to rush away from planned activities to respond to urgent patient needs. Further, psychologists may feel their time is limited due to the responsibilities of their jobs.

In psychology, one can choose from a variety of subfields. Some possible areas of concentration include behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, as well as behavior analysis. Coursework and an honors thesis are obligatory in both of these areas. In addition, there will be a handful of electives that students must take.

In the field of psychology, there has been a recent surge in the popularity of specialized research. Graduate students in psychology might then specialize their study in a specific subfield within the field. There are a number of popular subfields within the field of psychology, all of which should be investigated thoroughly before a career choice is made. Below you’ll find a list of information about several of the most frequent areas of expertise along with the typical educational path to obtaining them.

Numerous satisfying sub-fields can be found within the study of psychology. Teaching, researching, and counseling are three of the most sought-after professions. Educators with a background in psychology are frequently sought out to assist pupils with special needs, such as those with mental illnesses or learning problems. A psychology degree can open doors to the advertising and marketing world, as well as the legal profession. Employment in these sectors sometimes necessitates advanced education or certification.

Professionals in the field of psychology can expect salaries anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 per year. Professionals with several years of experience can make upwards of $85,000 annually, compared to the $35,000 that a recent grad can anticipate. As reported by the American Psychological Association, one-fifth of health psychologists make more than $80,000 annually.

Earnings for psychologists range from $78,500 to $122,000 annually, as reported by ZipRecruiter. Psychologists who focus in the field of psychiatry earn a median annual compensation of $217,798. Professional psychologists’ licenses are required for practice in this field.

Graduates of psychology programs can expect salaries anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 per year. The best opportunities for financial success can be found in major metropolitan areas where there is both a huge population and a significant demand for mental health care.

There is a lot of rivalry in the subject of psychology, but the payoff is substantial. Psychologists are in high demand, and for good reason: they help people flourish despite obstacles. Many psychologists also have very adaptable schedules and generous vacation policies. If you have a kind heart, working in this industry could be a great fit for you.

It’s true that a psychology major can work in a variety of fields, but some of those occupations don’t pay as well as others would want. In addition, higher education expenses can be prohibitive. Costs associated with borrowing money can make it challenging to repay. You should explore your possibilities thoroughly before committing to a career path in order to make an informed decision.

An individual who chooses to study psychology is likely to spend a lot of time writing. Reports and reactions to other research will be written by students. After graduation, you can put your research skills to use in a variety of fields, such as technical writing or as a research assistant. Studies in psychology prepare students for careers in a wide variety of fields, many of which contribute meaningfully to society.



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